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On the smog situation |  وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب نے اعلیٰ سطح کا اجلاس طلب کرلیا

On the smog situation

The government of Pakistan has taken some steps to solve the smog problem. Due to them, smog will be eliminated. On the smog situation. Chief Minister Punjab has again called a high-level meeting on the smog situation. The participants of the meeting will be briefed about the current situation of smoke. Important decisions are expected in the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Anti-Smog. 

New measures will be taken in light of the recommendations of environmental and health experts. Provincial ministers and experts will participate in the meeting. Chief Minister Punjab says that soon we will control the smog. Smog is taking a bad shape. Due to this thousands of people are suffering from diseases. 

Diseases like colds, flu, coughs,s, and breathing problems are coming from smog. The government of Pakistan has given a briefing keeping this in mind. That people go out of the house wearing masks. 

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Decision Not To Allow The Export

The government has issued an order to close colleges, schools, and universities for two days a week. And the workplace has been ordered to open after three o’clock. If any employee of the Department of Education violates it. So action will be taken against him.

The government sought help from China to tackle smog

The Punjab government has decided to seek help from China for the purchase of smoke. A delegation of Chinese environmental experts will visit Punjab soon. And will review the current situation. Chief Minister Punjab says that if the smog is not controlled, help will be taken from China.

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Actions Of Smog

The Punjab government is taking many steps to reduce smog. The government of Pakistan has announced to close schools two days a week after consulting with the Punjab government. The government of Pakistan has issued a briefing that it has to be worn when leaving the house.

The government of Pakistan says that if the smog does not end, artificial rain will be given. The government of Pakistan is taking very strict measures to eliminate smog. The government of Pakistan says that smoking can be eliminated as soon as possible.

By M Khan

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