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Order To Keep All Educational Institutions Closed ہفتے کے دن چھٹی

Keep Over All Educational Institutions Closed

Order To Keep All Educational Institutions Closed. Justice Shahid Karim has issued a written order on the petition for the removal of Smok. The Lahore High Court has announced the closure of all educational institutions on Saturdays till the end of January due to smog. Lahore High Court Judge Justice Shahid Karim says that there will be two days off in a week. 

Schools, colleges, universities, and markets will remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays. All of Lahore will be closed. The same routine will continue till January. The court has instructed Deputy Commissioner Lahore and other officers to issue a notification to keep schools, colleges, and universities closed. Justice Shahid Karim of Lahore High Court has issued a written order on the circular applications for the purchase of smoke. According to this, the Punjab government is taking steps to make work home from two days a week. According to the written order, the word Jam closure is suspended in the notification. 

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Order To Keep All Educational Institutions Closed ہفتے کے دن چھٹی

This notification was done under the provisions of Corona. The purpose of the holiday in Lahore is to protect people from smog. Because due to smog, many people are affected and suffering from various diseases. Smog is also causing respiratory diseases. Justice Shahid Karim of Lahore High Court has announced a two-day holiday in Lahore keeping this in mind.

Educational institutions will remain closed for two days a week, including schools, colleges and universities. If any officer of the Department of Transportation violates. So legal action will be taken against him. Government of Pakistan announced holidays due to winter.

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In view of the current situation, the government of Pakistan has announced a holiday on Saturday. But it can be modified in view of the situation. If the smog conditions improve, the chances of vacations will end. As soon as the environment changes and improves, then the declaration of holidays will be abolished. Viewers know that the weather is very bad today. Therefore, the government is considering announcing more holidays.

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