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Latest update of registration for 8267 Ehsaas SMS code

 New 8267 Ehsaas SMS Code 

New 8267 Ehsaas SMS Code was created to help poor people. It is a regulation of Punjab Social Protection Authority, which is made to provide financial assistance to people. Under this, the Punjab government has started various programs. Aid programs of the Punjab government include Wasila Education, Bhimit Bazarg, Equality Program.

8267 Eligibility Messages

Messages will be sent to selected persons of Punjab Social Protection Authority through 8267 code. Through these messages they will be informed about their eligibility. This SMS code will be designed to inform people about the program. Punjab Social Production Authority is an umbrella platform, under which many programs have been run.

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The aim of all these programs is to eradicate poverty from the country and protect the deserving people from the negative effects of inflation. Punjab Social Protection Authority sends messages to people about their eligibility through SMS code 8267.

So those who understand that 8267 code provides payment details of Ehsaas program. Such people should know that this code is not of Ehsaas program. Rather it is provided by the Punjab Social Protection Authority.

Latest update of registration for 8267 Ehsaas SMS code

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Waseela-e Taleem Program (PSPA)

Government of Punjab has started Wasila Education Program under Punjab Social Protection Authority. This program provides scholarships to students from deserving and poor families. which helps them to fulfill their educational needs. 

Punjab is considered to be the largest province of Pakistan in terms of population. Where the poverty rate has been recorded very high. This is the reason that Wasila e-Education Program provides financial assistance only to deserving and poor students from Punjab.

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The aim of this program is to provide all educational facilities to the children of poor families. Millions of poor children have been able to get better and quality education by benefiting from this program.

8267 Check Online For free

Click on the registration button. After that, you will have to provide your information, and you will receive a confirmation message on your login screen.If you want to do all this through code from ehsaas8267, you must use the code together and ensure an energy session.

8267 SMS Notification Bop

You can register for 8267 ehsaas online  at the official website to see how your information will be used. Plus, if you qualify for assistance, you’ll get help. You will be notified receive, if you are not eligible.

 Ham Qadam Program(PSPA)

Government of Punjab has started Hum Kadam program for disabled PSPA. Under this, financial assistance of two thousand rupees per month is given to disabled persons. From which they can get help in meeting their basic needs of life, and get better treatment.

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A huge amount of about three and a half billion rupees has been allocated for this program. The program will be designed for people with disabilities living below the poverty line. Due to lack of resources they will be forced to reach out to others to fulfill their basic needs. Persons with disabilities must have a disability certificate to benefit from this program.


The government’s commitment to meet the needs of citizens underscores the importance of accurate information delivery and cooperation between authorities and the public.

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