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NSER New Registration Ehsaas 8171 Program Latest Update 2024

NSER New Registration

In the year 2008, the conditions in Pakistan were very bad, people were suffering from poverty.  and daily bread became difficult for the people, due to natural calamities.  Pakistan remained in a lot of deficit after facing these difficulties, so the government of Pakistan introduced Benazir Income Support NSER. 

An NSER was started by a team that goes door-to-door to collect information from people, survey them, and register them. If you are not registered yet, you will have to go to Tehsil Office to get the survey done. They will take information from you and register you after conducting the survey. Pakistan’s National Socio-Economic Registry NSER is a government information system. 

which facilitates electronic registration in aid programs of Pakistan. Because it serves as a registry for more than 25 million households. Data are recorded on household socio-economic information. Originally, the registry was developed through the Poverty Scorecard Survey to support tests in the estimation of these benign income support programs. 

Data storage is also managed by BISP with the help of the Census of Pakistan and other independent institutions. Also known as CNICs are responsible for issuing cards. The database has achieved more than 25 percent coverage through efforts to link with Pakistan’s National Identity System and other provincial programs to reduce duplication and verify payments. 

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Role of NSER In BISP

It has also played an important role in the response to Covid-19. Currently, data is being shared primarily for targeting and through data-sharing protocols at the federal and provincial levels with more than 70 other programs and national and international NGOs that respond to the NSC. 

Experimenting with data rather than implementing new registration efforts using existing data to support targeting and vice versa NADRA’s role for the unbanked social security beneficiaries. Account opening for the population is also being extended to meet the need of customers to know their KYC. Provide biometric authentication. Data quality, lack of access to key vulnerable groups with a PTM approach to many programs in the country, 

and other worrisome issues were considered by many institutions to be immediately obsolete for poverty alleviation purposes. To address these programs, Pakistan has updated the NSER to experiment with registration methods and compare their effectiveness and efficiency, including door-to-door census methods and pilot temporary desk approaches. 

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NSER Survey

The NSER registration is a data repository containing information on the status of all households participating in the data reduction exercise. The NSER team used to conduct house-to-house surveys. You will be registered in this program only after completing the NSER survey. You are provided money under the Benazir Income Support Program only after completing the NSER survey

NSER New Registration Ehsaas 8171 Program Latest Update 2024

The team used to go to the house to know the household information like source of income and other information of the household members and then the NSER survey was done but now it is not like that. Government agents go door to door to complete the survey. To be eligible, the government has set eligibility criteria that must be met.

  • People whose income is less than 25 percent score.
  • People whose income is less than 30 thousand can be eligible.
  • Elderly people
  • Widows but their husbands must have a death certificate.
  • Persons with disabilities may also be eligible.
  • Who is not eligible?
  • Those who have a foreign visa or passport.
  • Whose name is the car?
  • One of the spouses has a government job.
  • More than three acres of land with names.
  • Such persons may not be eligible.

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BISP Tehsil Office

The NSER team used to conduct house-to-house surveys. But now this process has been discontinued. The government of Pakistan has opened one BISP Tehsil in every Tehsil. So people go to the office for the survey. You go to the office for the survey. There are separate counters for senior citizens. 

There are separate counters for men and women. And you go there and provide your data along with your information and documents. They take your survey and you register. After all the details the survey is complete. If you have any problem, you can go to the office and get your problem solved. Because the BISP office is present in every tehsil.

NSER Registration

The observer government of Pakistan has made the NSCR survey mandatory for the registration of 2024. If you do an NSER survey. So you don’t face any kind of problem in registering. So you have to complete your NSER survey first. So that you can be registered in this program soon. Financial assistance is provided to you only after completing the NSER survey.

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NSER Survey Online Registration Check

If you don’t have internet, you can also check online. Open the 8171 web portal and click on the submit button after completing the portal.

  • If you are eligible, your NSER is complete.
  • If your poverty line meets the requirement.
  • Not included in the NADRA database.
  • After taking the NSER survey you need to know this
  • Whether you are registered or not.

NSER Registration Check by CNIC

  • To check your eligibility go to and they will give you a web portal.
  • In which you have to enter your CNIC number.
  • Enter the code given in the picture.
  • After that, find out which button to click.
  • You will know about your eligibility within hours.
  • You can check your eligibility through SMS.
  • You have to write and send your CNIC number to 8171 and you will be informed about your eligibility within 24 hours

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NSER Registration Form Online

  • Visit your nearest registration desk or the office.
  • They will give you a questionnaire form.
  • Turn it on.
  • After doing this make sure that your form number is not down after completing the survey process.
  • The Government of Pakistan has established an online system for the registration process. 
  • The registration process may vary depending on the specific program you are interested in.


When we go to NADRA for an identity card or any other process, NADRA already has the biodata, it has all the information, and NADRA has started the NSER survey at its new dedicated centers. The survey is being conducted for 155 district residences in the initial phase. household information is already entered. Anyone can enroll in the Social Registry at any time.

By M Khan

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