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Ehsaas program in every Families Money Home Through Thumb

Ehsaas program

In the Ehsaas program, illiterate families will now be given money at home on thumb verification. So, no information regarding any kind of updates will be taken from you to make money. Therefore, money will be given to you without any information. Registering will also be done with easy steps. 

If you people are registered then you have started receiving aid. To withdraw money, you must have a mobile phone. If you guys don’t even know about mobile phones. Then the amount will be increased to you. Read the article till the end for more details and information. All your problems are solved in detail.

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Check Eligibility Criteria on Thumb Verification

The level of education in Pakistan is not so good. Due to this most of the families are very illiterate. Ehsaas program has issued several new updated instructions to provide facilities to uneducated families. Now you will be given money without confirmation. You must have an eligibility certificate to withdraw money. 

If you people cannot go to the office i.e. are disabled, then you can send any of your close educated family members. He will help you in your hands. In the next few days, the government will start a new survey. From this, your amount eligibility criteria and registration will be done at home.

Latest News Online Registration In 8171 Kafalat Program

8171 New Web Portal Online Registration Method

Many families are asking how to make our registration web portal online. So let us tell you that the online registration method was not accepted two years ago. Because poor families did not have internet for online registration. Due to this, they were left out of registration, and money was not given to them. 

But now the money will also be offered to you online at home. Read the article till the end for more details and explanations. After completing the registration, the method has been explained in detail.

Registering The Form Through the NADRA

People who are very illiterate and cannot even know the reference of registration. So for their convenience, the government has established more than 5 thousand Nadra offices at the educational level. You can go there and get your registration done. To go to Nadira, first of all, you must have the right lines of the thumbs.

So that you don’t have any problem in registering. When you go there, you have to do your verification process. The BISP nominee will register you in the form. So you will start getting money after a few days. Also, let us tell you that those who have registered and qualified. So they are being given an aid of 17 thousand rupees from today.

Receiving Payment From BISP 8171 Phone Number Verification

Procedure For Withdrawing Payment

The government of Pakistan has created new methods of making money in the Ehsaas program. The most important method of which is the in-line component cash. It is also the easiest. Through this, you can also get help sitting at home. If you guys don’t know how to create a JAZZ cash account, you can create your JAZZ cash account from any educated person near you. 

17 thousand rupees will be given to you on the JAZZ Cash account if you are eligible for the Ehsaas program from BISP. 17 thousand will be given to you every month. If you people want to take money after three months, then 51 thousand will be provided to you after three months. For more details and information you have to go to a center near you. You will be told all the details there

Eligibility Checking at Control Rooms Through Dynamic Survey

Your registration will be done by coming to your home through the dynamic survey. And the money will also be given to you. The dynamic survey was started two months ago. But now it has become very old. So along with this, the government has started other surveys. Which will be received at your home of registration eligibility and payment. 

Along with this, the government has also established control rooms. You can register your complaints there. You will be eligible for this program on registration of complaints. And the money will be given to you. There are hundreds of control rooms at the tehsil and district levels.

8171 Portal New Payment Registration Process Start In 2024

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