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50000 Solar In CNIC Based Roshan Gharana Scheme

Roshan Gharana Scheme

Under the Roshan Gharana scheme, 50,000 solar panels are being provided free of cost to every Pakistani family based on CNIC. Let us tell you that the government has started the registration method in this scheme. Earlier, you were given 50,000 solar from this program through a draw. 

But now by ending this method, the government has started a web portal for online registration at home. These solver plates will be provided with a free discount. There will be no tax on them. If you face any kind of problem or not getting any updated information. So you have been given all the updates within the article. On what basis can you get this solar?

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Using 8171 to Get a Solar Plate On 20 May

Let us tell you that when you went to get solar plates through the lottery, your name was not included. But now you will get your name in this scheme by using the 8171 code. And you will be given a free facility. You are eligible to get solar panels. So, as soon as possible, visit any bank near you or your center i.e.

 the centers of Ehsaas Solar Panels. get from there. If you guys want we want to get solar in your house. So send an SMS to 8171. The government has also launched a website for this scheme. The website has been explained to you in detail here.

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Make Sure to Register In the New Web Portal

The method of registration through the web portal has been started. Now you can register within this post with easy steps. Within this, you are given various web portal forms. If you want to choose any of them, click on it. To click, you have to click on the register button first. There you will see a new web portal. After reading you have to enter the bill of your monthly units. Enter your Tera Digit ID card. 

Enter the mobile phone. If you are connected with Punjab Employment Scheme then click on this website link. Finally, you have to click on the register button again. After that, you will be registered and qualified clearly on the screen within our post itself. That you get your solar plates as soon as possible. The method of obtaining solar plates is given below in detail.

BISP Online Registration Check By 8171 Web Portal 2024

Basis Of Getting Solar Plate

If you people want to know how many solar plates will be provided to us and what are the eligibility criteria for them. So let us tell you that if you guys want to get solar pets. So for this, your method is to use the monthly unit. 

About 150 to 200 monthly units of yours have been used for this. The bank account should not have more than one lakh. You have never participated in any scheme before. After that, you will be given these solar plates to all the people of Punjab.

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Getting Solar New Through Bank

Many families are questioning how we can get these solar plates and what is the bank method. Let us tell you that you have to check your eligibility and registration for the bank. After that, you are given updates there. Get up solar plates as soon as possible. Solar panels give you a free battery and other accessories. 

Through which you can run your solar by filling it with battery. So along with this let us tell you that the BISP representatives will install these plates in your house. So you will not be charged any kind of fee. A few days ago, Maryam Nawaz announced that only the government would decide on all these expenses.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Families who use around 150 to 200 units of electricity per month
  • Those who have not kept more than one lakh
  • Whose age is around 22 to 60 years
  • Whose tubewell bill is more than 2 lakhs
  • In whose house the electricity bill is more than 4000

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