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Resolving 938 Code Error in BISP Payment Latest Update

BISP 938 Code

For those who were seeing the BISP 938 code error. Resolving 938 Code Error in BISP Payment is great news from the government! First of all, 938 is talked about. In fact, many people receive cash assistance under the Benazir Income Support Program. But there are some people who are part of this program. But they are not getting money.

Their account is blocked and they are getting 938 code errors while withdrawing money from the ATM. In this case all their money is safe in the account. But he is not able to get it. But it has been announced by the government that all the difficulties will be removed in this program and you will be helped. In this article we will explain how we can get our money.

If you are one of those people who are seeing the error code of 938. So you don’t need to worry. You can receive your money with the help of the method mentioned in this article. All necessary information about more Benazir Education Scholarships is also provided in this article. If you want to get complete information. So you must read this entire article.

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Resolving 938 Code Error in BISP Payment Latest Update

Procedure To Get Money After Issue Is Resolved

There is great news for those people who are seeing error code 938 while receiving money. According to the government of Pakistan, the problems of such people have been solved. Now they can get their money very easily. If you are facing similar problems, you can get your money back.

Many people’s status has been updated on Benazir Income Support Program portal. But many people still suffer from this problem. How will they get their money? To solve this problem, the government of Pakistan has announced that the poor and deserving people who were not getting their money, can now get that money. After all their verification, they will be paid the amount.

Those who have not received the last six to seven installments. Now they can receive all installments. So get your receipt when withdrawing money. And if any kind of deduction is being made from your money. So you have to go to Benazir Income Support Program office and register your complaints. After filing the complaint, the amount deducted will be refunded to you. So that you can fulfill your needs and you don’t have to face any kind of problem.

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Who Completed the Registration Process New Update?

Now we will talk about these people.Those who have recently completed their registration or will talk about such people. Who have completed their registration for six months. Their amount has not been released yet. So for such people all the details will be provided to you. Let us tell you that the government has started releasing money to such people.

But when such people check their money through the web portal. So there their money status is not updated. In this case, such people need not worry. Now they will be able to receive their money. Such persons should visit their nearest BISP program office to check their account. After visiting the payment center and checking your account if the amount has been deposited. 

So you can receive your money and those who have registered six months ago and whose money has not been released yet. They need not worry. The amount received will be paid to them. The government has started issuing money to such people and soon they will also get their money. If there is any new update in this regard, you will be provided all the details on this web portal.

BISP 938 Withdrawal Error

Error code 938 is a technical problem. which arises when an attempt is made to withdraw funds from the BISP program using an ATM card or at a BISP payment center. This error is not related to the beneficiary’s account or eligibility status but is a system error. If you are facing this issue then follow the steps mentioned below to resolve it. When you go to a nearby retailer to claim the assistance provided by the BISP program, you face problems in verifying your fingerprint. Because of this you don’t get paid, because of all the women who sit on their fingers due to housework. They will explain very easily how they can get their money without finger verification.

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Steps to Resolve the 938 Code Error

To fix the 938 error code, follow these steps:

  • Locate the nearest BISP program registration office and go there.
  • Notify staff of the 938 error and explain that it is preventing you from receiving your BISP program payment.
  • If needed, submit any relevant documentation to help resolve the issue.

If the problem persists even after going to the BISP office. So try visiting BISP Payment Center or any other ATM to withdraw money again.

Resolving BISP 938 Code Error Latest Update

As per the recent updates, the 938 error code only affects the withdrawal process of BISP program funds at ATMs. Registration is not possible with this code. For registration purposes, use code 8171 instead. Beneficiaries facing this error should rectify it immediately to avoid delay in receipt of their BISP payments. Ensure that all necessary steps are taken to resolve the issue effectively.


If you are facing error code 938. So follow the steps provided to resolve this issue and access your BISP program funds. This error occurs during fund withdrawal and can be managed by reporting it to the BISP Program Office or attempting to withdraw funds at a BISP Payment Centre. By correcting this error promptly, you can ensure timely receipt of your funds.

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