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Latest News 8171 Beneficiaries Kafalat Program New Payment Started

Latest News BISP 8171 Beneficiaries

Latest News BISP 8171 Beneficiaries: There is great news for all the eligible people who are getting assistance through the 8171 BISP Kafalat program. The Govt of Pakistan has unveiled a new budget for the Social Service BISP program. This has resulted in important benefits for the poor class.

Benazir Kafalat New Budget

The government has increased the budget of the BISP program by 20%. The purpose of this promotion is to remove the economic problems of Pakistan and to get the country out of its financial crisis. Its main objective is to eradicate poverty in Pakistan.

Latest News 8171 Beneficiaries Kafalat Program New Payment Started

BISP Sponsorship Program New Registration Verification Check By SMS Code

Reasons for 20% Budget Increase

Create jobs for the unemployed. Increase the use of IT technology. Increasing agricultural production through modern technology. Strengthen Pakistan’s defense industry. Promote health by reducing drug costs. Provide treatment facilities for the poor. Facilitate small business operations with better support.

Promote the industrial sector to increase exports. The pension of retired officials and salaries of government employees should be increased. The government of Pakistan expects a 20% increase in the budget of the Benazir Kafalat program. Additionally, various measures have been taken to improve education and increase the amount allocated to the underprivileged and unemployed under the BISP program to 400 billion.

BISP Budget Scheme

The Benazir Income Support Program is critical to improving the lives of eligible people facing extreme poverty, especially with the high rate of inflation. The government has announced a 20% increase in the BISP budget to help more poor citizens. Compared to last year, the budget for BISP has significantly increased by 40 billion rupees.

Benazir Kafalat Program Budget

The BISP program offers a number of important schemes to support disadvantaged people across Pakistan, key initiatives include:

The program will provide Rs10500 per quarter to 9.3 million families in 2024. The govt has allocated 346 billion rupees for this program. Eligible participants can register by texting their 13-digit CNIC no to 8171. Once eligible, they will receive this amount every three months.

Benazir Development Program: This program will continue in all districts. About 15 lakh children will benefit from this. The govt has allocated 32 billion rupees for 2024. This program focuses on children under 2 years of age and pregnant women.

Register for 8171 BISP Online for 

Eligible women can easily enroll in the BISP program through 8171 Tehsil Centers.

 Here is the method:

  • Send your CNIC no to 8171 from your mobile phone.
  • You will receive a return SMS, which will confirm your existing registration.
  • After verification, you will be eligible for the program.
  • Collect your grant money from the nearest BISP program office.

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