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Kafalat Program Online Registration Step-by-Step New Sources

Kafalat Program

The government of Pakistan has started step-by-step new sources for online registration in the Kafalat program. Based on this now your registration will be completed in easy steps. You will also be eligible. And regarding aid, you can check your life by following these step-by-step procedures. 

The amount of the Kafalat program is detailed below the article. Now the solution to all your problems has been explained in detail in this article. So if you people want to get assistance, you want to register. So read the article below. Now you have been told in simple words. Read the article and visit the website.

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kafalat Program Online Registration New Portal

Now you have started a new portal in the Kafalat program for online registration. Now, making your registration easy, your registration will be done by going to your home. Earlier you used to face many problems with registration. You used to visit for registration.

But the government has done away with that procedure, now you will be given the portal inside our website. I will tell you the method of filling the portal inside the website. You have to carry your CNIC mobile phone and other documents to fill in. So that you can be registered online, you can go inside our website.

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New NADRA Form For Registration Launched

New NADRA form for registration: If you want to register through the NADRA form, first read the article carefully. You have been told here in detail how you can fill out the NADRA form and get your registration done. When you visit NADRA for registration, you have to carry your CNIC number there. There the NADRA representative will give you a form based on CNIC. 

You have to read the form in detail. After reading you have to enter your documents. Then again you have to submit it to the representative. After that, you will be informed within 24 hours on 8171. You can register for this program. Check your eligibility criteria as soon as possible.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Your poverty score should be 45%
  2. Your monthly income should not exceed 50 thousand
  3. Your home has a serious water resource problem
  4. You have never traveled abroad
  5. You do not have more than 1 acre of land in your name
  6. Your bank account does not have more than 50 thousand
  7. Your age is around 18 to 60 years

How Much is the New Payment of the Kafalat Program?

If you people want to know how much is the new payment for this program. So now the Kafalat program’s latest episode is 16500. The announcement was made 24 hours ago. This amount is going to jump up. The families have started receiving aid from today. At the beginning of June, the assistance of this program will be further increased. 

If you people want to be entitled to take this aid. So register yourself today as soon as possible. Check eligibility. And get help. Apart from the aid, you have started other programs in the name of this program. The sponsorship program assistance will also be provided to you under the name of the program.

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How Many Families Are Registered in Kafalat Program?

If you people want to know how many families have been registered in this program in May. So let us tell you that more than 2 crore families have been registered. Most of the families have received their aid. According to the update of the representatives of BISP, the eligible families may be announced to give one job to their children in the next few days. 

So register yourself in this program. The registration procedure has also been explained in the article. Apart from this, you can also know more details by clicking on the link on our website. How will you be registered? You have to visit the website.

Ehsaas Program 8171 Registration Form Confirmation By 8171 Porta

By M Khan

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