Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
Kafalat Program New Installment May or June Start Meeting

Kafalat program

Every family has started receiving the new installment of the Kafalat program. The new installment of this program is May or June. Which is being provided to those who are eligible from today. This assistance is being given to them because they have their eligibility certificate. If you also want to register and qualify now, check the registration method inside our post. 

After that fill out your registration through the form inside our post. The complete method of registration through the form is given here. Eligibility criteria will also be told to you within the article. On what criteria you can get this assistance? So let us tell you that the procedure has been made very easy by the government.

Ehsaas Kafalat program New Registration For 10500 Poor People

14000 Ehsas kafalat program

14,000 assistance has started to be given to eligible families under the sKafalat program. This aid was started in May. But this amount will be further increased in June. Mrs. Rubina Khalid has announced that the amount will be increased for the families in June. 

So that they can end their poverty conditions and make themselves the best future of Pakistan. If you people want to get this 14 thousand aid now, then register yourself in this program. It has been announced by the State Bank that this aid can reach up to 22 crores in the next few days. So, register yourself in this program and this 22 billion rupees assistance will be distributed only among the poor families.

Qualify For The 10500 Kafalat Relief Program

Ehsas Kafalat Program Nadra Online Registration

In the Ehsaas Kafalat program, registration was done by going to the Nadra office. You used to carry your CNIC mobile phone and other documents for registration at the Nadra office. And wanted to register you in the heat. But now the government has ended the registration method of NADRA. Nadra has been established for payment. The government has introduced online procedures for registration. The most important of which is the web portal. 

Ehsaas Bila Sood Qarz For Beneficiaries Online Apply 2024

The web portal is embedded in this post. which is inline. Now open this portal form which will be online. Register yourself. Enter the documents you used to take to the Nadra office for registration here. Finally, click on Register Now. On the screen, you will be registered and you will be informed. You will be entitled to receive payment as soon as possible.

Benazir kafalat Program Check CNIC

It is very important to have your 13-digit ID card to register and qualify for any program. Because when any family member or any educated person has a job or any other business stage. So CNIC is important in this. Now there is a request from you who have not completed CNIC yet even though they are 18 years old.

So get the CNIC as soon as possible. Because money is being given to eligible families based on CNIC. Make your CNIC as soon as possible and get help. The aid will be received by you from the bank. Apart from this, in-line procedures are introduced which can also be met.

Government Sindh Announces Relief 5000 For Poor People 2024

Final Words

In addition to the 8171 code in the Ehsaas Kafalat program, the government has also introduced a new 8123 code. 8123 can be used in the ration program. You can also solve your problems through 8171. And you can also register your complaints with the government. 

Apart from this, the government has established hundreds of control rooms at the tahsil and district levels. In the next few days, apart from the control rooms, new centers will be established. They will also be named. You will be told first on this website.

CM Sindh Announces Over 22 Billion for Ramzan Relief package

By M Khan

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