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BISP Kafalat Program 10500 New Payment Start By 8171 SMS Service

BISP Kafalat Program 10500 New Payment

With the departure of BISP Kafalat Program 10500 New, a new installment of Rs 10500 has been started online. All those women who are already registered in this program. Now you can get a new amount of Rs. 10500. 

Before Eid, the best gift is for deserving and eligible families who can fulfill their Eid needs by getting a new installment of 10500 online. Remember how the amount of 10500 is being given this time. Visit the nearest BISP office. And get your total amount. Don’t forget to get your receipt.

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Check CNIC Online 10500 New Installment

Get a new installment of Rs 10,500 online. Check your ID card number to get money. The amount has been transferred in your account.  If the money has been transferred, you can get it easily. Also, if you have not registered yet. 

So complete your registration process immediately. So that you can get the next episode. Registering is very easy. A BISP Kafalat Program 10500 New has been introduced for registration in 2024. Through this, you can complete your registration process sitting at home. Visit the BISP program web portal. You are given a registration form. 

BISP Kafalat Program 10500 New Payment Start By 8171 SMS Service

You have to do it on the registration form. Enter your ID card number in the first box. Enter the code given in the image. Click the submit button below. You have been registered for the Benazir program. You immediately get confirmation that we will send you the registration form. You immediately receive a confirmation reply.

In which it is said that you are eligible for the BISP Kafalat Program 10500 New. If you meet the eligibility requirements, complete the registration process. The money will be transferred to your account. If you are already registered. So you can receive all the details about your money.

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How to Register BISP  For Online 10500 New Installment 2024 

Getting a new online installment of 10500 is very easy. In the last few months, some representatives of the BISP program have been distributing money to deserving families. He started collecting money from deserving women.

Due to this women faced difficulties in getting money and receiving money with deductions. Recently, good action has been taken against them. You can visit any nearest BISP office and get the money. No deduction will be made to you. Don’t forget to get your receipt.

So visit your nearest BISP office. Submit your complaints will be processed within 24 hours. Apart from this, the BISP program has recently introduced six new banks. Soon many families will be able to get their money through the bank.

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BISP Online 10500 New Installment  Eligible Criteria

If you have not registered yet, want to get details of your eligibility criteria. You want to know whether you are eligible for the BISP  Kafalat program or not. There are two ways to get all the details of family members. By following which you can get your details.

  • The first method is SMS service registration.
  •  In which you check your mobile inbox and enter the message.
  •  The message is of a blank space. Enter your ID card number.
  •  Click on the check number again.
  •  Send ID card number to 8171.

8171 SMS service

 You will get a confirmation reply immediately. Using the 8171 SMS service can cause you problems. So it is important to get all your eligibility details online.

  • Visit the official BISP program site now.
  • You will get a form, enter your ID card number in it.
  • Enter the four-digit code.

You will be notified immediately whether you are eligible for the Benazir Kafalat program. Visit your nearest Ehsaas office and complete your registration.

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BISP  Kafalat Online 10500 New Installment Latest Update 2024

10500 is the latest update in the new model. You will be given a total amount of Rs. 10500. If a member deducts money, you can file a complaint in this program. Your complaint will be acted upon as soon as possible. Apart from this, BISP has also entered into an agreement with six new banks for the distribution of money in this program.

The implementation of this agreement will be started soon. Registration for the BISP program has started. Get a new registration for Rs.10500. All the methods of registration are explained above. By following this you can complete your registration process.


Millions of families are getting financial stipends from the BISP 8171 program. You do not have the financial resources to meet their basic needs. They are provided financial assistance through these programs.

It is a very good initiative of the government of Pakistan to eradicate poverty from Pakistan by providing assistance to deserving families. You can complete their registration in the Benazir program. Visit the BISP  program office and complete your registration process.

By Mehmood

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