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BISP Aghosh Program New Registration For Women 2024

BISP Aghosh Program

The Government of Pakistan has started the BISP Aghosh Program under the Human Capital Investment Project on behalf of the Punjab Social Protection Authority. This program is only for those households in Punjab who are affiliated with the Benazir Income Support Program, to improve the health of mothers and their children from poor families.

This program is running successfully all over Pakistan, especially in 11 selected districts of Punjab, Bhakkar, Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffargarh, Rahim Yar Khan, Mianwali, Khushab, Leh, Rajanpur, and Lodhran. The Aghush program is specially designed for pregnant and lactating women so that poor pregnant and lactating women belonging to the backward classes can access the best health facilities.

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Aaghosh Program

The health of mother and child is of utmost importance. A healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child and care for her family. Giving them the right to better health and life is the responsibility of every member of society because a healthy society is formed only through a healthy and prosperous family.

To ensure better health of pregnant and lactating women of at least 564,000 families by providing assistance up to 17,000 rupees. So that the poor people living in the villages and their children are not deprived of the basic right of good health. 

Registration Method For The Aaghosh Program

The registration process for the program is very easy. 

  • Pregnant and lactating women can register themselves in the Aghosh program at any stage.
  • Visit your nearest health center with your valid computerized National Identity Card to get registered.
  • Register all your required documents.
  • Aghosh program assistance money is sent to your account, so after receiving the registration confirmation message,
  • go to any branch of HBL Konnect to activate your account through biometric verification,
  • and get assistance from the Aghosh program.

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Eligibility Criteria For Aaghosh Program

One of the main objectives of the Aghush program is to reduce maternal and infant mortality by providing financial assistance to pregnant and lactating women. Eligibility criteria to be eligible for this program are as follows.

  • To be eligible for this program, women must be residents of one of the 11 districts of Punjab.
  • The woman must be pregnant or the mother of a child under two years of age. The woman should belong to a low-income family.
  • A pregnant woman must have a National Identity Card.
  • A lactating woman must have her national identity card and birth certificate.
  • If the woman or her child is disabled, they can get additional help from this program.

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Assistance to regnant Women

In this program, pregnant women are assisted in 4000 for four examinations during pregnancy, that is, assistance of 1000 is provided for each examination.

  1. First examination between one and three months of pregnancy
  2. Second check-up in four to six months
  3. The third examination is in the eighth month of pregnancy
  4. 4th examination 9th month of pregnancy

3000 rupees is given after secure delivery and you can get this amount from any branch of HBL Konnect. Get your medical check-ups done as per the given schedule and get the subsidy. In this program, a total financial assistance of 7000 rupees is provided from the beginning of pregnancy to the time of delivery.

Assistance for Lactating Women

  • Obtain the birth certificate from the Union Council get registered at the nearest health center, and receive Rs.2000 from the selected HBL Connect.
  • Mothers of children from birth to two years of age get medical check-ups and immunizations of children in stages and get cash every time.
  • Get assistance of Rs.1000 from HBL Konnect when you receive a message.

A total of 10,000 rupees is given to a child from birth to two years of age. To receive money, you must do your biometric verification every time, and don’t forget to bring your National Identity Card and registered mobile phone number. 

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Features of The Aghoosh Program

  • Under the Agosh program, free and better medicines are ensured in health centers.
  • Safe maternity arrangements are provided.
  • Unified Beneficiary Data has been established to save the records of the beneficiaries of this program.
  • Meetings are organized at the level of Union Councils by this program.
  • In these, village women are guided to better health of pregnant women and children through lady health workers and representatives.

Aaghosh Program Helpline Number

If you have a problem with the staff of the Aghosh program, illegally deducting from your money, you are not getting the money on time. So you can call the helpline number 1221 of the Aghosh program to deal with any such problem. You can also call the helpline number to get information and guidance about this BISP Aghosh Program.

By M Khan

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